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Americans with foreign investments must comply with federal tax laws. The federal government closely monitors offshore bank accounts and spends a lot of money enforcing tax laws. Foreign workers in the US may also face tax issues.

In these and other situations, a skilled tax attorney can add significant value. We represent individuals and business owners in all aspects of international taxation and tax provisions, including:

  • Non-payment of international tax liabilities
  • FBAR requirements
  • FATCA issues
  • Non-reported foreign accounts and income
  • Capital gains taxes on foreign real estate and investment sales
  • Global/international tax planning (EWP)
  • Controversies over foreign trusts, bank accounts, and business ownership
  • Foreign tax credits/deductions for international trade
  • Taxation of US business activities abroad
  • Declaration of foreign bank accounts (residents and non-residents)
  • Global intangible income (GILTI)
  • Foreign Investment in Real Estate Act (FIRPTA)
  • Foreign athletes, artists, and entertainers working in the US must pay taxes
  • Subjugation for international business activities or income from American sources

Whatever your tax needs, we will provide effective, honest representation to reduce your overall tax burden while adhering to all regulations.

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Rights And Foreign Investments Protection

Many taxpayers are surprised to learn that the federal government has extensive tax collection powers. FATCA requires foreign banks to identify Americans with accounts worth $50,000 or more. Also, under FBAR, any US taxpayer with overseas holdings totaling $10,000 or more must file a report with the IRS.

While these laws can impede foreign investment, business owners and individuals can still use foreign accounts with care. Our attorneys can devise creative, ethical strategies to help you achieve your goals. If the government claims you haven’t reported foreign accounts or haven’t paid taxes on them, we will defend you vigorously.

High-net-worth individuals and families have global assets, businesses, and family members.

Companies, real estate, marketable and non-marketable investments, private vessels and aircraft, artwork and other collectibles can all benefit from effective international tax planning and structuring.

While international tax issues can be complex, proper structuring can help you reduce effective tax rates and grow your business.

Organizing Domestic and Foreign Holdings

As part of our international tax planning, we structure domestic and offshore investment vehicles to hold an operating business or passive investments/assets.

We advise clients on FATCA, CRS, PFIC, and CFC compliance.

Tax plans, tax treaties, and entity classifications are all part of our expertise in international transactions, operations, holdings, and investments.

From Concept to Reality – Customized International Tax Solutions for Each Client

Our firm takes the time to understand our clients’ personal, professional, and business goals and provide highly customized solutions.

When advising private clients on tax planning and structuring, we always consider their long-term objectives and tailor our advice accordingly.

Domestic trusts, intra-family gifting for multinational family businesses, offshore corporations, foreign grantor and non-grantor trusts, domestic and international private trust companies are just a few of the complex structures we help clients implement.